Napperby Primary School

Welcome to Napperby Primary School

Napperby Primary School is the centre of the local community. It has a strong focus on literacy and embedding Information
and Communication Technology into the curriculum.

The school's teaching and learning programs are guided by our four values:

The school has an onsite Child Parent Centre (CPC) where students participate in a play-based, literacy-rich environment.
The CPC engages in regular whole school activities and also runs a playgroup session once a week. Each student has access
to their own personal laptop or desktop computer where they are able to access interactive programs such as 'Mathletics'
and 'Clicker 5'. Each classroom has an interactive whiteboard. Every student is educated to be a global problem-solver
through an inquiry-based curriculum. Students are also provided with open playing areas including a basketball court, large
oval and contemporary play equipment. An active governing council encourages whole school community participation to continually support learners and the curriculum.